Trailer Parts & Towing Accessories

Embarking on a journey with a trailer in tow should be about the adventure, not worry. At Terra Tek, we’ve got your back with an extensive range of trailer parts and accessories designed to take the stress out of towing. Our collection is meticulously engineered for those who demand both safety and performance on the open road.

Unparalleled Towing Control: Enter the world of stress-free towing with our state-of-the-art Redarc Tow Pro controllers. Known for their precision, these units give you unmatched control, whether you’re navigating steep inclines or manoeuvring through tough terrain.

Connect with Confidence: Our variety of wiring kits and trailer plugs ensure that your setup is robust and reliable. From the sturdy 12-pin socket with Anderson style plug to the simple yet efficient 7-pole flat plug, we have the essential trailer towed connections you need to secure your load, no matter the destination.

Every Accessory Counts: We believe that every towing accessory product plays a crucial role in your travel. That’s why our inventory includes everything from basic sockets to comprehensive wiring kits, all designed to work together to offer the ultimate in towing safety and convenience.

Quality That Travels With You: At Terra Tek, we don’t just sell parts; we provide peace of mind. Our trailer parts and accessories are built to last, giving you the freedom to focus on the journey ahead, confident in the knowledge that your trailer is well-equipped for the long haul.

Ready for the Road: Whether you’re heading to the lake, mountains, or anywhere the road may lead, Terra Tek’s towing gear ensures that your trailer is an extension of your vehicle’s safety and stability. It’s time to elevate your towing experience with gear that’s as ready as you are.

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